Audio Services

At Next Page, we believe in flexibility. There is no single right answer, especially in audio. We have a large variety of audio equipment to appropriately handle every venue, for any event. Whether you need to hear the President of the Rotary Club or the President of the United States, we have it covered. Next Page provides small audio systems for weddings and special events where you don't want to see any gear but need your entire group to experience the perfect ambiance the right sound makes. We also have the tightest line array systems from Martin and DB Technologies which can fill a 20,000 seat arena with super high fidelity at rock band volume if that's what you need. Imagine if every seat in your event had perfect audio. It can with our fully digital processing from Martin and DB Technologies . We have an array of digital mixing consoles, including the Yamaha CL5 and Midas M32. We've been known to run out a DigiCo and a PM5DRH from time to time too.

Stage Sets & Scenic Services

Next Page is pleased to present our completely modular set that is extremely lightweight, easy to assemble, and very attractive in person and on camera. Our system utilizes a custom fabricated aluminum structure of our design, with laminate panels, fabrics and trussing as some of many completely interchangeable options to provide the look you are after. Using our lighting skills to get the most out of a stage, we can create many environments that are audience- and speaker-friendly. The pictures below are from various shows, with different laminate panels and columns interchanged throughout. This set can stand independently up to 30' tall or can be flown in a theater scenario with our chain hoists. We have a very extensive inventory of soft goods: White cycs, black velour, white or silver crushed satin, projection sheets, tie-on, pipe & drape up to 20' high, red silk, white sheer, blue sateen, and even spandex.


Lighting Services

Lighting is our core specialty that ties all the elements together. With lighting, your experience is dramatically improved, and like the other disciplines, must be composed and artistic. Lighting can shape your mood and define the space you are experiencing.

We have Source 4s, parnels, zooms, 2k Arri fresnels, LED pars, 2' RGBAWK strips, 3' RGBAW strips, 6' ColorBlaze strips, battery pars, and an array of moving fixtures. ETC dimming and Motion Labs distros.

Video Services

Television broadcasts and video shoots are a constant part of our business at Next Page.  We provide HD projectors and LED walls, and even make radical shapes.  We own a video projection sheet that is 329' wide x 15' high, with a 162' diameter curved pipe to create a gigantic HALO around the audience!  Talk about an immersive experience!  Weve designed LED walls in curved columnar shapes, both convex and concave, and even in an S shape.  LED walls are available in indoor and outdoor, from 3mm to 16mm resolution.  Playback Pro and Spyder work hand in hand to play your video and blend your images.  We work with the best video technicians in the business!

We produce custom video content and media, as well as graphics packages for PowerPoint presentations, banners, and lobby monitors.

Producing good video means designing good camera lighting - We are called upon to provide even fields for panel discussions and press conferences; artsy, yet visible moods for live performances and smooth washes with emphasis on practicals and backgrounds for studio shoots. We understand how light levels can affect not only the live perception of color, but also how they affect a camera. We take pride in our ability to manipulate color temperatures to provide a camera with the proper white balance necessary to interpret the other colors present with a proper consideration for chromacity and hue. Our staff has experience lighting small, intimate sets for live distribution on the internet; moderate stages for press conferences for the latest news shows; and stadium audiences for live satellite uplinks or videotaping.


Breakout Rooms

We have the perfect size little rigs for breakout rooms - little 4k HD projectors with tripod screens, tiny, powerful speakers and audio mixers with all the bells and whistles packed into a small package, even little lights if your session needs them. A breakout isn't a place to show off your big guns. Its the place to provide unobtrusive, transparent meeting support, and that's exactly what we do.


We have toured the world with big-name acts providing motors, truss, and steel, and have hung huge trade show systems the size of football fields. We often provide outdoor (and indoor!) climbing truss solutions to hang video walls and sound systems. Using this solution in a hotel ballroom allows us to bypass expensive house rigging fees. Our motors are all CM, and are all tested and certified regularly. We have black truss for days, so it hides in the ceiling, but if you want silver truss, we have some of that too.


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